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RongQiao Finance Management

With security and safety as our main investment concerns, we are able to provide a high return with perfectly managed risks.

Wealth consultation

Investment management

Asset Management

Customized service

Historical average annual return of 6%*


*Past performance is for illustrative purposes only, not a reliable indicator of future performance

Professional risk control team,

Priority mortgage guarantee

Controllable risks

High returns

Quarterly interest payment

Protecting investments with the guarantee of collateral.

Able to withdraw investments at any time. *

* If you exit early before the product expires,

Investors need to inform our company one month in advance

High liquidity

Short payback period

Project Flow


Project Application


After submitting the application form online,

A fund specialist will contact you.

Project matching

Projects will be matched according to your financial situation, financial goals and risk appetite.




Deposit your investment income to

Your designated account.

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