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Our Services
Residential Loan

Catering to those looking to buy property in Australia and Australian residents having a fund gap or shortfall in a short period of time, lending against legally owned properties as security.

Commercial Loan

Rongqiao commercial loans offer financial support for businesses aiming to expand or undertake major investments like acquiring production equipment or property, through mortgages on their premises.

Construction Loan

Construction loans are suitable for developers and builders having a fund gap or shortfall for a short period of time during development and construction. In recent years, with the tightening of bank loans policy, Rongqiao offers more flexible financing solutions tailored to the specific needs of developers.

Second Mortgage Loan

We do take a 2nd mortgage as security, however these normally require a higher rate and often require the consent of the 1st mortgage holder's and sometimes a Deed of Priority to be entered with the 1st mortgage holder.

If you require a 2nd mortgage loan, it is best to speak to our experienced team.

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Who We Are

Rongqiao Financial Group's Loan Investment Company

Overseas Union Finance PTY LTD (ABN 68 082 155 557), holds a special operating license (ACL 405636) and an Australian financial license (AFSL 442901) issued by the Australian government. We are a mature company with a wealth of professional experience in local and cross border investments, our main products are OUF loans and funds.

With an excellent track record in loan management and risk control experience, our dedicated loans team is committed to providing short-term mortgage bridge loans, construction loans and commercial loans to both Australians and oversea investors. We aim to solve the urgent needs of our customers by providing them with sufficient capital flow to achieve their goals. 

Our veterans in the funds' department have helped managed over billions of dollars, helping stimulate the Australia economy across multiple industries. Our motto to become the one-stop solution for personalised asset and financial management provides our customers with a unique customised experience. This fund provides our investors with an exceptional opportunity to participate in the Australian real estate market whilst ensuring generous returns on investments.

Successful Projects
House with Pool

Property Address 


Loan Amount

Approval Time

1 Day

Loan Type

Construction Loan



Loan Term

12 Months

After obtaining DA approval, our client swiftly secured low-cost building materials with our financial assistance, locking in prices before the rise in construction costs. They built four brand-new Duplexes, racing against time to control costs and achieve considerable profits.

House with a Pool_edited.jpg

Property Address 

Hunters Hill, NSW, 2110

Loan Amount 

Approval Time

​1 Day

Loan Type

Residential Loan



Loan Term

12 Months

Travel enthusiast Mr. Zhang faced an urgent property settlement notice after buying a waterfront mansion, needing completion in two weeks. Rongqiao Loans swiftly intervened with a unique loan solution, ensuring a smooth purchase and preventing a 10% deposit loss.

Building Under Construction

Property Address 

Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650

Loan Amount 

Approval Time

2 Days

Loan Type

Commercial Loan



Loan Term

12 Months

Navigating complex commercial loan collateral, our team crafted tailored loan solutions, aiding our client's business in acquiring the property and facilitating rapid growth. Together, we propel your business to new heights with commercial loans.


融荟财富 Angel 2023-12-12 16.17.28.jpeg
2023 Rongqiao Cup Tennis Grand Prix

The ACTC Rongqiao Cup Chinese Tennis Grand Prix concludes successfully! After fierce battles on the court and thrilling excitement, the singles and doubles tennis feast comes to a perfect end.

融荟财富 Angel 2023-12-12 16.26.37.jpeg
2023 Rongqiao Cup Golf Elite Private Event

The beginning of November marks a special day for Rongqiao Financial Group as we step towards an even more exciting future! At that time, we will host our annual extraordinary Golf Elite Private Event!

Real Estate Elite Forum

Rongqiao Financial Group cordially invites our members to attend our highly anticipated Australian Real Estate Elite Forum and the 2023 Annual Dinner!

Guan Wei Art Exhibition

Rongqiao Financial Group invites you to explore the endless possibilities of art. Guan Wei's works blend tradition and modernity, with each painting telling a unique story. Join us for a feast of vision and thought!

融荟财富 Angel 2023-12-12 16.19.11.jpeg
2023 Rongqiao Youth Charity Golf Invitational

2023 Rongqiao Youth Charity Golf Invitational: Ignite dreams with the power of the swing, empowering charity.

Youth strong, families thrive!

Cosyeasy Yacht Party

Rongqiao Financial Group will lead you into an extraordinary yacht cocktail party, a meeting of quality and luxury. Together, under the setting sun, we will share unforgettable moments with our peers!

2023 Sydney Marathon Running Group

Chase your dreams with "Rongqiao Financial" on this vibrant and challenging Sunday, as the globally renowned Sydney Marathon reignites passion in the Southern Hemisphere!

2023 Rongqiao Cup Provincial Tennis Tournament

The 2023 Rongqiao Cup Provincial Tennis Tournament is on its way. It's not just about competition, but also showcasing skills and team spirit among players from different provinces.

Brand Introduction of Rongqiao Financial Group

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